Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cozy Christmas

What do you do when you can't read anymore Kate Chopin before finals?

Play dress up. Duh.

Eugh. I know. What an example of eurocentrism. I'm not even Christian but here I am, decking my house out in colored lights, plastic trees, and big red socks.

Ratchet Side Table- My Brother's Storage Boxes from College
Hand Lotion I'm Furiously Sniffing- & Other Stories (Scent: Couture Carnival)

Is it wrong? I don't know. For all of my childhood, I had excitedly celebrated Christmas within my atheist, immigrant, Asian family. Regardless of political correctness, seeing other people excitedly participate in traditions that may or may not have any meaning to them still brings everyone joy... So you know what? Let's just let that happen.

Hat: Walmart? 
Giant Cozy Sweater: Some brand called Segue(?) but I got it at Goodwill
Socks: Gifted but I think Forever 21 
Sick Mug: Target (Thanks AL)

I used to think wearing short dresses and long boots/socks was counter intuitive and pretty stupid because if it was cold enough, why not just wear pants? Then I grew up and realized a sliver of thigh was chic and that giant sweaters on petite people don't look cute unless they're balanced with tights or bare legs on the bottom. 

This sweater is neither red, green, or explicitly of the "ugly holiday" variety, but somehow it seems fitting for Christmas and a chic way to game this farcicality known as a groutfit.  

One thing that's really important to me during the holiday season is the theme of homecoming. The idea was that this light-up wall art would feel inviting every time fam came through the door: 

I don't know how reasonable it is for me to put up an alias on this blog anymore since most of our readers know me personally. If it wasn't obvious, my last name is Chan. I made each letter by wrapping the string of lights around a thumb tack, then I hung a stocking for each family member under each letter. 

Happy Holidays.