Saturday, February 21, 2015

Food Adventure: Road Dogs and Twisted Chill

Hangry. Hungry and angry. I'm a chronic patient of hangriness. If I'm hungry, I might as well be in a snickers commercial. 

Because I overslept and was late to my appointment this morning, I skipped breakfast and was very hungry two hours later. You could imagine the hallelujah that played in my head when I walked out of the library and saw these food trucks. 

Road Dogs Weenie Wagon is a San Jose based food truck that sells gourmet hot dogs as whimsical as their name. Offering different regional themes and combinations, the menu was teeming with unconventional flovors I was curious to try. 

My dad wanted a hot dog too so I got three: the Bra Bra, the West Coast, and the Chicago. 

The Bra Bra($6) was dissapointing. The sausage was mushy and the texture was too slushy when paired with the creamy chipotle sauce. There wasn't any flavor in the pork sausage but was instead concentrated in the sauce. The sauerkraut managed to add some crunchiness and salvage the weird texture but only a little. I think for its size and taste, this hot dog was a little overpriced. 2/10

The West Coast ($6) was much more enjoyable in terms of both taste and texture. The beef frankfurter was juicy and offered a texture and thickness that made each bite feel more substantial. This time it felt like a hot dog. I enjoyed the sweet pickled tones of the pepper with its spicier aftertaste. The mayonnaise helped keep the taste cool overall so that he flavors weren't too overwhelming. It was better than the Bra Bra but not spectacular. My dad and I agreed that the hot dogs would have tasted better if the buns were toasted a little more. 5/10

My dad had the Chicago ($6) which was... Okay. It was good but we wish it had been tastier, spicier. It wasn't anything too special 5/10

Twisted Chill was delightful. The truck is also a San Jose based restaurant on wheels. Twisted Chill sells icecream at $3 for one scoop, and floats at $5. The truck is cheerfully colorful and significantly less creepy than the jingling white truck that used to parole my neighborhood during my childhood summers. 

While I'm the type that judges desserts heavily on packaging and presentation, I would forgo that analysis for ugly but compostable cups. The cream soda float with pistachio icecream was surprisingly not too creamy. The fizziness of the cream soda kept the float from being too heavy while the chunks of pistachio helped break up the texture of the drink. To my pleasant surprise the drink evolves in its taste as time goes on. The icecream sinks to the bottom and mixes with the soda to intensify the creaminess and pistachio flavor of the drink. My only gripe is that the drink was hard to consume without foaming over the top and some chunks of pistachio didn't go through the straw. 8/10

While I wore my pajamas to my errands this morning, I can still reminisce yesterday's effort. 

This was my first time ordering anything from Choies, but I liked most of the things I received. The only problem was that the order took a while to process and ship, about 20 business days. The shirt's sleeves are also a bit long but I enjoy the flowy, ethereal look of the lace mixed with the bright cobalt color. For ten bucks I can't really complain. 

Hat: Nordstroms
Sunglasses: Nordstroms 
Lace Shirt: Choies 
Skirt: H and M 
Shoes: Forever 21 
Wallet: Some side store in China? 


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