Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rainy Days

The shower today not only helped quench the drought, but our need for some fun too. At the end of a stressful week, splashing around in puddles was some much needed release. Major props Emilie Ma for some of these gorgeous photos :)

Never thought that I would look so happy standing under a gutter but you know. 

 When the days aren't looking as bright, your boots might as well be. 

I love that this sweater dress allows me to feel chic while still staying warm. It's an under appreciated clothing item in my book. Also love being able to see through my umbrella. The necklace was super easy to make! Just connect a strand of chain with a jump ring and add a strand under to create this Y-shaped necklace. It was so easy and cheap but it goes well with many types of outfits :)

On K: 
Glasses- Eye Buy Direct
Jacket- Target 
Sweater dress- Uniqlo 
Necklace- DIY
Tights- Unknown
Boots- Nordstroms

It's hard to carry both an umbrella and a bag, but hey - I made do.

Scarves can keep you warm on the coldest of days, or in this case, add that perfect little finishing touch to complete your outfit.

The colors of my outfit are overall quite neutral, but the outfit does have little pops of color in just the right places. I love chiffon and floral prints as you can see by my shirt and scarf - you'll be seeing a lot more of that soon. 

On S: 
Shirt- F21
Denim Jacket- F21
Scarf- Target 
Bag- Gap
Belt- Therapy
Pants- Old Navy
Boots- Amazon

With much love,
K and S

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